Guthivankay Chiken Fry

Method of Preparation:

  • In a bowl take clean bone less chicken (200g), to this add turmeric (1/2sp), red chilly powder (2sp), Salt (1sp), ginger garlic paste (1sp) keep this a side for 30min.
  • Heat oil (3sp) a pan; add clove (3), cinnamon (2), chopped onion (1/2cup) and green chilly (2sp) fry them for 2min and add curry leaves.
  • Now prepare a paste by grinding gasagasalu (5sp), clove (2), cardamom (1), cinnamon (2) and water.
  • Add this paste into the pan mix well. Now add the chicken mixture to this. Mix well. Cock this for 10min. Add garam masa (1/2sp).
  • Allow the chicken curry to cool and take this into mixer jar grit it to paste.
  • Stuff the chicken curry into brinjal, keep them in a plate.
  • Now heat oil (2sp) in another pan; add chopped curry leaves, green chilly and garlic and fry them, add stuffed bringal and remaining chicken mixture and cock for 5min.
  • Add tomato puree into it and cock for 5more min.
  • Remove the curry and serve with steamed rice by sprinkling coriander leaves.