Dondakaya (Tindoora) Avakaya

Course: pickle
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 4
: 250 kcal
  1. Chopthe Dondakaya into small peaces & keep a side.

  2. Now take bowl, add red chilly powder, salt, turmeric, methi powder, mustered powder, garlic, mix well. Now avakaya mixture is ready.
  3. Now heat 100ml of oil in a pan, add chana daal, jeera, mustered seeds, red chilly, curry leaves, turmeric, pinch of asafoitida.
  4. Pour this oil into the avakaya mixture bowl & mix well.
  5. Finally add chopped dondakaya & mix thoroughly. Rest it for 2-3 days & serve with hot rice.