Chicken Dilruba

Method of Preparation:

  • In a blender take fresh coriander leaves (3sp), whole melon (1/4 cup), pumpkin seeds (3sp), almonds (2sp) and cashews (4sp), blend them to smooth paste by adding milk.
  • Now take chopped onions (1/4cup) and ginger (2sp) and grind them to paste.
  • Heat butter or oil (3sp) in a pan; add onion and ginger paste fry for 2-3min, add turmeric (1/2sp). Then add chicken (500g) and yogurt (1sp).
  • Cock this for about 5-10min until the mixture becomes dry.
  • Now add the previously prepared almonds and cashews paste to the cocked chicken and add garam masala (1/2sp), chili peppers (1/2sp), salt (1sp).
  • Cook under moderate heat, until the chicken is very tender.
  • Mix saffron (1/2sp) in milk (2sp) and add this to the chicken and cook 1-2 minutes.
  • Transfer into a serving bowl sprinkle coriander leaves, place onion and tomato slices and serve chicken dilruba with rice, roti, naan or paratha.