Chicken Biryani

Method of Preparation:

  • Clean the chicken (250g) and cut into medium size pieces
  • Take chicken in a bowl add Salt (1tbsp), Ginger-garlic paste (1tbsp), pepper (1/2tbsp), curd (1/2 cup), garam masala (1/2tbsp) keep a side for 2hrs.
  • In pan heat ghee (1tbsp) fry the cashew nuts, remove them and add ghee (2tbsp) fry the finely chopped onions to get golden brown color.
  • Clean the basmati rice (1/2kg) and soak in water (1lt) for about 2hrs.

Chicken curry Preparation:

  • Now take ghee (2tbsp) and oil (1tbsp) in a pan, add whole garam masala (clove, cardamom, cinnamon), add chopped onions (2), fry it add ginger garlic paste (1tbsp), turmeric (pinch).
  • Fry the chicken in above mixture, cook for 15min. Add salt, chilly powder (4tbsp), garam masala (1/2tbsp), dhania powder (1/2tbsp), garnish this finally with coriander.

Rice Preparation:

  • Take a pressure cooker, add ghee (3tbsp), oil (2tbsp) heat it add Caraway Seeds (shahi jeera) (1/2tbsp), cinnamon, clove, biryani leaves, biryani flower, maratimogga, jagikaya, japathri, curry leaves, pudina leaves and fry them.
  • Add sufficient amount of water (double the quantity of rice, here 1lt), boil the water, and then add garam masala, dhania powder and coriander leaves.
  • After boiling add soaked rice, cook it to 3/4th.

Biryani preparation:

  • Take a pan spread chicken curry; above this spread the prepared rice. Add fried cashew nuts, onions, ghee (1/2tbsp), saffron slurry (1/4tbsp), rose water (1/2tbsp), coriander leaves, pudina leaves. Again spread the chicken curry repeat the process until all the prepared rice completes
  • Now on the stove cook the biryani for 5min. serve it by sprinkling with lemon juice and Rita.