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I am Aruna Vasam. Welcome to my site “http://indianfoodrecipe.co.in/ recipes by Aruna”.

At the age of 14 I started cooking because I love to cook. It is as simple as that. I enjoy eating a variety of foods. I suddenly feel I want to spread the taste and write a blog post, so that it will inspire some of you non-foodies out there to break out the aprons and give it a go too!

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"I get inspired from my mom, books, television shows & from other food bloggers."

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Banana chips

Making of Banana chips Ingredients 1 no. Banana (Green, unripe) […]

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Bread upma

Preparation of Bread Umpa Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time […]

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Chicken Samosa

Prepared by chicken masala Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time […]

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Chicken tikka masala

Preparation of Chicken tikka masala Prep Time 10 mins Cook […]

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Dum ka chicken

Preparation of Dum ka chicken Prep Time 20 mins Cook […]

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Gongura Royyalu – Sorrel Leaves Prawns

  Preparation of Gongura Royyalu – Sorrel Leaves Prawns Prep […]

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Spinach Chicken – Paalakura chicken

Preparation of Spinach Chicken – Paalakura chicken Prep Time 10 […]

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Kakarakaya Pickle

  Preparation of Kakarakaya pickle Prep Time 30 mins Cook […]

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